BossyPants VA



Delegate your To Do List and make time to follow your passion and grow your business! From checking emails to social media posting, let us take care of the tedious tasks that keep you from doing what you love!


Need help beyond the tedious? We offer several Management Bundles for the busy creative professional: Author Support, Social Media, Newsletter, Data, Calendar, Project, Website and Communication Management.


Dream. Visualize. Realize. Maintain Balance. This is the approach we take to coaching. Fun with a little bit of snark-OK more than a little-you can depend on sound advice that challenges you to grow.

Who is BossyPants VA?

Lexi Roark is a “seasoned professional” with over 30 years work experience. She has an addiction to office supplies and all things planner-related. An accomplished public speaker and proven trainer, Lexi is an asset to most teams.

What People Say About Us

Alexis is probably one of the most organized AND tech-savvy people I know!!! She positive, creative and energetic. I love working with her.
Alexis helps me keep track of things I need to get done. She even thinks of things I havent thought of. She is a great PA.
Alexis takes my overwhelm, sorts it so I can understand, takes care of a good bunch of it, reminds me of what I need to do that's outside of my regular writing, and in general keeps me from daily despair. I don't know what I'd do without her guidance and wisdom.

We Are Privileged to Work With...