Day 14 – Don’t Let Your Inner Critic Compare You to Others

Your inner critic can be fueled by a number of sources, both internal and external. Such negativity doesn’t need much of a spark in order to rage out of control. Comparison to others is one trigger that can cause insecurity and negativity to spiral. Perhaps such comparisons are a problem for you, too. Looking outside yourself can be a source of motivation if it’s done in a healthy way. Unfortunately, too many of us compare ourselves unfairly to others, causing unnecessary pain. Here are some ways to stop letting your inner critic compare yourself to others.

Focus on Your Strengths

There are a number of things you can do when you notice you’ve fallen into a slump of feeling bad about yourself because you’re not as good, talented, or worthy as someone else. The first is to recognize that we all have different strengths and limitations. Focus on your strengths and remind yourself that you possess a number of talents and characteristics your friend may not.

Express Gratitude

In addition to having different competencies, we all have unique resources and opportunities at our disposal. It’s not fair to compare yourself to someone who may have an advantage over you in terms of education, experience, or skill. We don’t all start at the same place in life. Rather than compare yourself to someone whose backstory you may not know, why not take a moment to feel grateful for what you do have. Expressing gratitude can be one of the quickest ways to kick self-criticism to the curb.

Consider Unfollowing

In today’s world of social media, comparison can be even more of an issue than ever before. People put only their best foot forward on sites like Facebook and Instagram. All of us are constructing a picture of our lives that we want others to see. Rarely do people showcase their hardships. Recognize that you probably aren’t seeing the whole picture. Why compare yourself to someone who may have things worse than you do in the world outside of social media. Unfollow anyone whose posts cause you to feel your life isn’t up to par.


Instead of using comparison as a way to tear yourself down, why not use it as a source of motivation? If someone has something in life you wish you could attain, make a plan for how you may reach such an achievement or have similar experiences. Using comparison to motivate yourself can be productive. Try not to spend your precious energy on negative comparisons.