Day 12 – Boost Your Confidence by Exploring What You’ve Already Accomplished

When your inner critic beats you down over and over again with negative messages or when life throws you multiple curveballs, it’s easy to lose faith in your abilities. You may feel like you can’t do anything right or that you don’t have the competency to succeed. It’s hard to overcome this mindset when you’ve hit a wall of negativity. One surprising trick can help, though. Taking time to remember your past accomplishments is a quick way to boost your confidence, increase motivation, and silence your inner critic. Take a look at the reasons why it works.

Overcome Fear

When you hit a period of bad fortune or continue to be bombarded by negative self-talk, you can easily get stuck in a cycle of fear. You feel overwhelmed, and taking any steps to change your situation may seem impossible. You can break this spell by reminding yourself of a time in your past when you overcame an obstacle or accomplished something difficult. Being able to recall something you were personally able to achieve can break you out of that cycle of fear, allowing you to take steps to change your current circumstance.

Increase Confidence

Plus, remembering past successes is simply empowering. You’ll get a renewed sense of self-confidence when you recall the steps you once took to do great things. You can relive that sense of pride and use it to remind yourself of all the talent, knowledge, and skill you possess. Confidence can help to get you out of a funk and can provide the motivation you need to keep going.

Raise Your Spirit

Taking time to reflect on things you’ve done well in your life can simply make you feel better. Constant stress and negative messages break your spirit down, sometimes even leading to anxiety or depression. This one small action can lift you up and help you to feel more optimistic once again. You’ll recognize your true capabilities when you look back and see all the things you were able to do before. Why wouldn’t you be able to do them again? Your motivation will also increase with this self-reflection.

Gain Momentum

Finally, the combination of all these effects can lead you to gain momentum to move toward reaching your goals. Once you’ve busted through the noise of your inner critic and realized all you’re capable of, there will be no stopping you. Use this momentum to take the necessary steps toward improving your circumstances and doing the thing you most desire right now.


Give this exercise a try. By simply taking a few moments to reflect on your past accomplishments, you can gain so much.