What can I do for YOU?

The following list is a sampling of the services I provide:

Our Services

  • General Organization
  • Planning and Task Management
  • Email Management
  • Data Management
  • Calendars and Scheduling
  • Document Management
  • Blog Management
  • Newsletter Management
  • Online Research
  • Social Media Management
  • Website development and administration (e.g., WordPress, Weebly, and other “drag and drop” platforms)
  • Travel Arrangements
  • Book Listing Set-up
  • Book Marketing Support Network: set-up and maintenance of Amazon Author Central, GoodReads, BookBub, BookPlusMain, etc.
  • Review/ARC Team Management
  • Reader Group/Street Team Management
  • Coordination of marketing and promotion including cover reveals, book releases, parties/events, blasts, etc.
  • Appearance Scheduling
  • Sell Sheets (aka One Sheets)
  • Ads, Blog Posts and Website Graphics using Canva & BookBrush
  • Branded Social Media Post Graphics using Canva & BookBrush

Neither list is exhaustive as we tend to figure what you need after the initial “Do We Mesh Sess?” and subsequent, scheduled (or impromptu) check-ins. I prefer to “chat” with a potential client to ascertain what they need and how I can support them. These “chats” typically take place via phone and video conferencing. We can also communicate via e-mail.